mark, thanks for the links and advice. ive also looked into the Twiddler and i think im still gonna stick with the Frogpad. i want to keep my hands as free as possible at all times. as far as what im gonna use this for...well, im not exactly sure yet. since im at an art school (god knows why) i figure ill turn it into some sort of "art piece" and maybe do a performance with it. the whole base for this is that the computer world, and apple specifically, produces things that to the general public are shiny boxes of mystery. take the ipod: its tiny, its shiny, not many people know how it works, and its selling rampantly. but when you take it apart, things become more clear and you see how it works. so i want to bring that to the public. by taking my ibook apart and spreading the parts around, its easier to see whats going on inside it. and since its a laptop and already mostly portable, i figure why not indulge the crowd and turn myself into a sort of cyborg with it. also i want to do jsut because it sounds fun and has a very good possibility of looking cool.