thanks much for the input guys. to clarifiy, im definitely not using this thing in water. i chose the wetsuit because tehy are normally stylish, black, and very form-fitting. kinda like a super hero costume. and fortunatly thats just a future addition, the 3 week deadline is just for spreading the parts out. anyway, thats that part. mark (or anyone really), if you know any good places to get those parts, it would help a great deal. all my previous modding experience never dealt with switching up or making cables, just light this, paint that type stuff. i know it may seem im in over my head, but i still wanna try this. challeneges keep the mind alive. also, a list of what i need to extend, since i neglected to mention that: the hard drive, the cd drive, the monitor, the power button, and the battery. everything else (mic and airport antennae) is long enough already. agian, thanks for the help and luck. i need all i can get!