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im brand new to this forum, and im hoping that you all can help me out. im not sure where to put this project since it sorta involves both internal and external modding, but i guess its mostly external. this project has given me some snags in actually assembling it. what im trying to do is take my old G3 iBook, get rid of the normal case, and spread out most of the components from the central processor. like 2 feet away from the processor. now, all i really have to do is extend cables. this is where the problem lies. first, apple has done the ever so wonderful service of making their parts pretty unique. basic computer parts have compatability issues. so i need help with either finding compatible parts or making my own cables. second, i need help with knowing if these extended cables will still even carry a current. third, i need to find a way of protecting the hard drive (padding, shock proofing, cooling, anyhting else). thats all i can think of now, but seeing as its 645 in the morning and i havent slept all night, i will probably have more questions. now, youre probably wondering why this topic is titled "iSuit." well, thats the bigger, grander project. what i intend to do is attach, by way of velcro or sewing directly to or some other method, the stretched out computer to a wetsuit, making it a wearable computer. processor/motherboard on my back, battery and hard drive on my chest, cd on my shoulder, etc. i am aware of the previous wearable mac attempt(s?) but since he hasnt updated his project page in several months and wasnt working with an iBook, i figure its mostly unrelated and hes either given up or its on permanent hiatus. agian its almost 7 am and i havent slept, so forgive me if im wrong. anyway, thats my plan, and im praying you all can help. please email me at blahooligan@gmail.com (or post... here... more.. :P) with any help! thanks for your time.

edit: by the way i have less than 3 weeks to at least get the laptop stretched out, so time is a factor in this. thanks again/in advance!
edit2: forgot about the iSuit case that is sold for ibooks. the topic has been changed since.

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