Okay, I've had the idea to integrate a Wacom tablet into the screen of an iBook. I'm sure you can imagine why I'd want an iBook with a touch-screen.
The resistive touch-screens, which are just about all that I could find, are just unsatisfactory, and I don't think they're worth the money. Mouse-click emulation is not what I want for my hard-earned US$659.00
But I thought that since the Wacom pen stylii will work up to 1/4 inch off the tablet, that should allow plenty of room for a monitor. I could then add a sheet of plexiglas (a thin one, if necessary) in front of the monitor for a hard surface on which to use the pen. I have two questions about this:

1. Will the tablet even work with the screen in the way? It doesn't seem to work through metal.

2. How much space is available inside the case of a clamshell iBook (single USB w/ colors)? I don't mind removing support with my Dremel, or cutting away the case of the tablet, as long as everything fits and is functional.

I don't have the iBook or the tablet yet, but I've been looking around eBay for them. I'm open to other suggestions, though.