I did a search on MacMod and came up with one article by you about building an internal SATA raid in a G5. I just skimmed it and to tell you the truth there was stuff in it that I didn't understand. Like something about a "striped" something. I assume it's not a striped bass. But I'll read it again. By the way that article looked a lot like this one on

Same concept, I assume.

What do you think about the idea of putting in one ATA100 internall just for grins and building an external SATA raid with FirmTek's PCI card (SeriTek/1SE2) and nifty 2 bay enclosure (SeriTek/1EN2)? They say the card is OS9 & 10 compatible.
I admit it's another 2/3 hundred bucks but I like the idea of a Hot Swap external.