I hear ya about keeping it simple and cheap. I guess I'll just get one or two ATA's. But I can't seem to find any ATA 66's that are big enough to even bother. I guess there aren't that many still being sold. Can I put a 120GB ATA 100 in? The number just represents the seek time, right?

As far as, getting a Mini goes. I hear on that too. But I'd need more that a 80GB drive. Oh and there is my Audio input card with a midi connection, and buying ram to get it up to less than I have in my G4 now. I couldn't trade in my G4 now because the Mini wouldn't be able to do everything I need, so I guess I'd have both which might be cool. But then I guess I'd have to run out and get a KVM switch to use the same monitor and keyboard for both. It starts to add up to about $1000-1100. I ran the numbers on upgrades vs. the Mini and it's almost even. In a way I guess you'd have to look at is as buying a second computer and split activities between the two. Kinda like having two wives, it always sounds tempting in theory but who needs the hassel. I'm an old fashioned monogamous guy. I've got too much invested in the old girl now to go out and get a mini that only does part of the job.