So I haven't posted in something like a week... mainly to the problem of my computer doesn't work... idk why... I'm sending it in to apple tommarow... Anyway I decided that since it is still here I may as well just try the basics... the basics didn't work so I moved on to the idea of arcive and reinstall *Gasp RRRRR NOT AGAIN!* Tho I may lose all my memory altogether... that would really suck. Anyway so I go to do this from the CD and I have my good 'ol iPod G1 5GB pluged in... and as it searched for disks to install in my iPod showed up as a possibility! Score... I told it to install, and went to bed... Lieing in bed bored I heard my computer restart and ran to the rescue. It was starting from my iPod... weird but cool. Right now I'm typing from Safari installed on the applications folder ON MY iPOD! Now thats just plain cool. Anyway I am experimenting and will reply again when my computer gets back... hey I've noticed that it goes much faster... so I have a few cool mod ideas that you might like... anyway talk to all later.