As far as the pen idea goes you could get a cheap wireless "mini" mouse, the ones for laptops which barely fit the palm of your hand, and add wires from the circuit board to your own buttons on the side of the mouse. Although I'm not sure how you would hide the circuit board itself. Anyone know if you can warm the board a bit and bend it or anything? Otherwise you would end up with a nice slick little pen with a huge oval circuit board attached to it. :S Maybe use a small RF remote control with only a few buttons and mod that.. Of course keeping it controlling the mouse would then be a problem. Without being able to mold or reshape the circuit board it'd be pretty clumsy, and to keep it controlling the mouse the optical sensor would have to be moved to the bottom. (Not sure if you can add extension wires to that as I used a ball mouse to play around with.)

Not too sure about the glove. A cool idea I thought of was to maybe use something along the lines of an accelerometer, like the ones in the new Powerbooks, to sense movement, sort of like the gyroscope mouses but smaller. Not sure how big the accelerometer actually is in the powerbooks though. Implementation of that would probably be way out of reach unless you were a pretty hardcore programmer/engineer. Some people might be able to help you out though.

Just some ideas. wink

Sorry for the long post.