Wow, I feel like I won the lotto - In 1 week's time I went from being a Mac pauper to having a working Mac and multiple mod-able units. On Friday of last week and Monday of this week, the office next to my work threw out some Macs (flavored iMacs and a graphite G4 w/ 17" Monitor). Needless to say, as soon as I saw them, they were gone off the curb without a trace.

After a brief inspection, the G4 is a Sawtooth 400MHz / 192MB / 10G / DVD that boots up (but no OS installed). Three days later, I got my Jaguar install discs from Other World (bargain bin) and within 1 hour after that, it is a working computer. (God I missed having macs - try installing any windows software and having a perfectly functioning machine in under an hour).

The iMacs are non working, but perfectly mod-able - a Lime tray-load iMac with no CPU/Logic Board/Drive sled and a the bottom half of a Blueberry slot-load iMac without HD/Ram.

With that said, I'm looking for ideas for what to do with these iMacs.

For the brain-less tray-loader, one idea is to make it some sort of a multi-purpose TV/DVD/computer monitor. I'm thinking There ought to be enough room inside to put a small DVD player (like the 9" square Cyberhome models) and also something like the Viewsonic Nextvision (N4, N5 or N6) - which has a TV Tuner and video/RGB switcher for use with RGB/VGA monitors.

The other idea is to try and save for a Mac Mini and see if I can squeeze a Mac Mini, a PC ITX mobo w/ it's own 2.5"HD with a KVM switch and see if I can get it all inside it the case. Either way, I'll need to create a custom video cable and figure out which leads to short in order to turn the monitor on. Does anyone know if it is in the iMac video cable or in the power connectors that come down from the monitor portion (top-half) of the case?

Not sure what to do about the monitor-less slot-load yet. I suppose I need to drop in some RAM and an HD to see if it boots, but first I'll need to make a 20-pin to VGA video cable and then figure out what kind of power I need to get into the 6-pin power connector that feeds the down converter. Does anyone know of have links for this info?

Any comments/ideas?

zkeeball - Honolulu, HI