Maybe someone can help me out here

OK so bare with me for a second as this is a little complicated to explain. I ahve a dual 800 quicksilver, the video card it came with was a geForce 2 Twinview, the card has never really given me any problems until now. And I hope someone can help me with it.

I ahve two displays an oldschool super heavy 21" CRT and a brand new 23" cinema LCD display. I also have three seperate start up drives on my computer, 1 is od 9.2.2 one is 10.2.8 and the one that I'm on the most is 10.3.8 when I start up my compuyter in 10.3.8 I get these funky dancing lines on the left side of my 23" cinema display, they are white and seem to appear more when there is a window open. they only go about a cm in but they're annoying as heck. OK so that's weird... now.

If I start up in 10.2.8 there are no lines, everythign looks prestine and beautiful, AND when I start up in 10.3.8 from 10.2.8 (change start up disk, restart) the lines are gone, but if I just start the computer up from 10.3.8 I get the lines again. Can anyone help me with this so that I don't have to boot my computer 2 times in order to avoid strange dancing white lines?


I suppose if no one can help I'll get an ati9800 but to be honest I baught an 8500 and it had worse issues then the nvidia card