I'm sorry man, but you bought yoursel a paperweight. I had a 540c for the longest time, and last I checked with the current owner, it's still kick'n-so these were some tuff machines, but they are however severly dated. If I'm correct it's 11-12 years old and counting. The best you could run on it is OS 8, and thats if you can find an external scsi (small computer system interface) cd-rom and the adapter you need to hook it up. The architecture can't even decode mpeg (.mpg .mp3 .m4p .m4a) files. Plus you would have to load it up with the max 32mb of ram, and it would still be sluggish. Have fun.


You may be able to make a laptop stand with it (this was mentioned in another thread here somewhere) . A digital picture fram mod may be possible also.

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