Hi folks! I'm working on the "cathode project" whistle I've disassembled my iMac DV+ (I burn out the logic board a year ago..) because I want to use it as monitor for an ipotetical new computer (a mac mini?)

The problem is: I found a video connector that has 20 pins (the vga instead uses 15 pins..) I cutted it

And I found 20 cables of different colours....

Does anyone knows how can I put this little clables in a standard vga connector?
I've no money to make the "iPC"....(a new lcd it's a lot expensive for a student like me) I was wondering of using this crt monitor because it will be usefull for another pc or mac..
I was also wondering to build a "iPS2"..... putting inside the iMac my PS2.... building a scart to vga adaptor... but it's only a dream...

Can you help me? wink please!!!1

ps sorry for my english..I'm an italian boy smile

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