Hello everyone,

I'm the proud owner of a 1st generation iBook with the following specs:
[*]800 Mhz G4 processor (133 Mhz FSB).
[*]640 Mb DDR333 SDRAM.
[*]60 Gb HD@4200 rpm.
[*]Bluetooth and Airport Express

I'm planning to do the following to my nearly 1 year old iBook:
[*]Change Hard Drive. The New One will be a 60 Gb @ 7200 rpm or a 100 Gb @ 5400 rpm.
[*]Overclock the processor as much as possible within stability limits.

The reason for this post is to ask everyone its opinion on which HD to install and to know if anyone has any info about the iBook PLL resistors and its location in the iBook logic board, because they are responsible of the multiplier applied to the processor, and so of its running speed.
Knowing that the processor is the same used in powerbooks of a year ago, I think it would be possible to clock it up to 1 Ghz without much problems.
The cooling capabilities of my iBook in particular seems good, because I've heard the cooling fan only a couple of times, and as I have installed "Temperature Monitor", I know that the idle temp stays in its 30 degrees celsius, while at full load it is no higher that 60 degrees celsius without fan, staying in 45-50 c when the fan spins up.

Thanks for, at least, reading it...