I think krusher has a good point. I tried osx on pearpc and went out and bought me a flat-screen imac and powermac just because I loved the os so much.

It's one thing to try it out in a shop, if you have your own install you can tweak it to really fit your style of work. My experience with osx has previously only been at school, like basic word-processing etc. The problem was that those systems were really locked down and left little to play around with. On pearpc I could install 3rd party software, tinker around in netinfo and try all sorts of cool hacks.

So in short, if apple decided to port osx or release an emulator it wouldn't be that much of a problem in sales. The hardware in macs (atleast with osx) is far superior compared to pcs, seeing how the os is written for certain configurations. If they would release a x86 port it wouldn't run as fast or have all the benefits macs have so we would basically have a situation where they would say: "Ok, we have a great os that also runs on x86. But if you want the extras, all the icing on the cake if you will, you need to have a mac.".

I don't really see how that would hinder the sale of macs.