check the bios to see if it supports booting to other devices in the boot order section, if it does try a USB cd drive with a windows disc in or a USB floppy drive with a dos boot disc, If that doesnt work try taking the hard disc out, formating in another PC (you will most likley need a 2.5 inch IDE to standard IDE adpater) do a format and to copy the basic dos boot files to the disc, if you dont have them try
copy over the contents of a windows cd to a folder on the disc.
put the disc back into the lifebook and hopefully it should boot to a dos prompt, launch the windows setup from within the dos folder, i think its winnt.exe but it might just be setup.exe its been a while since i've done it.

after that you just have to put the thing into a case!

If you cant get that to work, I'll take it of your hands if your going to throw it away... might make a good remote for my Lounge Mac!
I break stuff.