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Otay, here's the long and short of it from the service provider's end.

Kernel panics are the bane of our existence. Many times, there's no rhyme or reason to what causes them, sometimes, there is. On ocassion, I've swapped out all major parts in a machine, and had it still panic. Go figure. Apple still has yet to come up with a good diagnostic procedure to hand to us in the trenches. So here's my hypothesis.

1. there's nothing wrong with your laptop.
2. there's nothing wrong with your new hard drive.
3. the people at Samsung are most likely tier 1-3 phone support morons.
4. the guys you're talking to at Apple ARE tier 1-3 phone support morons.

the quick and easy answer here is pretty straight forward. you can RMA the drive to Samsung and have them send you a new drive, which I'll bet is gonna magically work. Or, you can go through the trouble of exchanging it for another, with the outfit you bought it from.

All you have to tell them is, "I dont care what it SHOULD do. It kernel panics my machine. I want a different one."

The nature of the kernel panic stipulates that two perfectly good pieces of hardware, software, cosmic rays, etc. dont get along. therefore, they panic. you try a different drive, no panic, then it's your drive. Done.

I know thats kind of a BS answer for the whole kernel panic thing. But believe me, people bring in machines to me saying "Oh, it does that freeze thing with the telling me I need to restart thing..."

So, I take in their machine, run MacTestPro, or Apple Service Diagnostic for 12 hours on the joker. And, its fine. No hardware failures that can be detected in 12 hours of recursive testing. Thats when we start hunting for that hay in the needle-stack.

RMA or exchange that drive. I'll bet a different one works fine. If not, we'll debate our way through step two. laugh
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