Hmmm - a collection of interesting ideas, although unfortunately unless I find a reasonable way to deal with the current cooling problems, the machine is just too loud. Does anyone know of a source for Titanium service manuals?

I'm hoping to be able to get some insight on the pinouts on the internal ribbon cables for separating the monitor, power draw requirements for the monitor and the other internals to see about the best options for cooling the system.

Also curious if anyone has cut the monitor cables and resoldered them in order to get some distance between the CPU and the screen. Any effect on the image quality/reliability?

And I like the idea of the VGA touchscreen, even if it's not in the car - would make an interesting addition to the stereo to be an iTunes controller. But unless I find the overheating problem, I'm going to be pretty limited in my options :-( Although that approach would let my close it up in something so that the fan noise would be muted somewhat. Hmmm.

On a related topic - other than building my own, does anyone know of any alternative case sources for the Titaniums? Mine is pretty badly corroded. Rebuilding it with a plastic enclosure is sure to exacerbate the cooling problems, unless I integrate some interesting heat sinks underneath or something.