Here's one for the techies out there. I have my old titanium powerbook that took a bad dive off the kitchen table onto the tile floor last summer and broke the hinges. It still 'works' after a fashion and I had some plans to put it into a little decorative wooden brief case which sort of worked, but now it's getting awfully flaky and the moment I try to do anything with it, the internal fan comes on full blast.

Sooo - I'm looking at my various options, from taking the whole thing apart in order to improve the heat dissipation, but I suspect that won't help much given the density of the internals. Or, I'm wondering if I can pull out the cables for the screen and wire them into either a DVI or VGA connector so that I can at least salvage the screen and connect it to a Mac Mini with a cool wooden stand or something like that.

Anyone have any tips on either of these options? Pins outs for the monitor and hints on how to put together the power feed? Or advice on getting the machine to start behaving itself again?

Hints and tips appreciated,