Hello to everyone,

I'm new to this forum but not to other technical forums and I have a BIG question:

I have a bunch of eMac 700 Digital Modules (Down converter, Logic Board, aluminium drive tray, cables, etc...) from a series of CRT-dead eMacs, but I DON'T have the Analog Modules (power converter) that provides the digital module all the voltages needed for the computer to work.

I've been thinking on using ATX power supplies to make them work but I need advice from all you "Pro" around here, because I'm planning on using these in a "Beowulf-like" computer cluster system in the office, and I have everything prepared, excepting info on power connectors.

I know that the Logic Board's "Blind-Mate" connectors provides all the electric connections, and in macrumors.com forums I saw a post in which someone traced voltages on these "Blind-Mate" connectors, but it gave me no clue to do all the rerouting and rewiring to make the ATX power supplies work, mainly because it had different voltages in each pin wether the emac was on or off.

I see this project like some kind of BIG CHALLENGE, and it would be great to be able to use all the eMac Digital Modules on a Great Performing Processing Center (I'm planning on using it to render video and other calculation-intensive applications).

Any help would be appreciated,


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