Yeah, I've done some research, and I know I can find combo drives of a few differnt types for it, but that's not that big a priority.

The screen, however, is a bit bigger of a problem. I love my mac, it blows my PC (which is dual-booting SuSE Linux and WinXP) out of the water based on convinience in both the interface and portabililty alone. Sure, it's a bit slower, but 366MHz is enough to browse the web, type papers - hell, it runs ProTools decently (but only in OS9, as the free version doesn't run in OSX, even in Classinc mode).

However, Garage Band (and iMovie, and a number of other apps) won't even let you install on a machine with this low a resolution. It's also a bit crowded when you're doing a few things at once - even Safari, AIM and iTunes is a bit much. The new 12" iBooks have the higher res displays, and still look good (if a bit small at times). I know GarageBand might not run so well, but I wouldn't mind giving it as shot, and besides, the only reason to NOT have a higher res screen (assuming it will work) is the money right? No harm in it if I can get it to work.

Oh, and Maestro? Don't worry - I don't plan on dumping this machine any time soon. smile