I have an Clamshell iBook (I BELIEVE it's a Paris - 366MHz, one USB, one Firewire) that I've been upgrading. I put a 30GB HD in it, maxed out the RAM with a 512MB card, installed OS9.2 AND OSX (10.3), new battery. Two things I would like to do:

- put a DVD/CDRW drive in it (not a high priority, and since money is a little tight, it can wait)
- put a new display in it (they only have 800x600 screens)

Anybody know where I could find a 12.1" display that will work in this thing? Preferably 1024x768. Would this mean replacing the video card as well? I'm kind of new to this, and I know a LITTLE bit about hardware, enough to get by, but this'll be a first.

Wicked, thanks to anyone who can help.