I would like to find out what video cards fit into g4 macs. If a card physically fits into the agp slot, its possible to get it to work, even if its pc. Some cards just dont fit. One that I know of is the Nvidia 5200. I have a ati 9000 in my mdd, I know that I can go to a 9800, but not for that cash. Im not a gamer. I know a 9600 fits, but what about a 9700? I think it does, but here is the real big question. DOES A X800 FIT INTO A G4 AGP SLOT? Also, is it worth even looking at Nvidia? I saw some benchmarks on Bare Feats and the X800xt killed the 6800U.
Oh ya, if the X800 did fit, I would buy one, even though its more than the 9800.