hmm let's see here:

1984 pro mouse

bought a g4 cube and added a 2.5in 60 gig drive, laptop combo drive, wireless card from a graphite airport basestation, painted the inside metal case, then tried to cut a hole in it and ended up taking it off. the rest is secret for the contest wink

bought a g5 style 20in and built a stand for it to fit into my bookcase.

put a window in my thumb drive.

bought a cheap wireless mouse and painted it to match my pro keyboard and g4 cube

hmmm what else have i done :woohoo:
2.4gHz 15" MacBook Pro, 1.66gHz Core Duo Mac Mini, 2.5gHz G5 QUAD, 733mHz Quicksilver, 450mHz G4 Cube, 700mHz G3 iBook, 350mHz Sawtooth G4, 350mHz Revs. A and B B&W G3, 16mHz Powerbook 100, 8mHz Macitosh Classic.