So, there's an article up on the main page, asking us to vote for who deserves the props for "Mod of The Year."

So, I've been pondering it all day. And I figure that in a way, we all kinda deserve the points. Anyone who got up the moxie to cut, paint, build, damage, or mess with a computer this year, and walked away with something to show for it (even a huge mess) deserves some credit. Those who step outside the box, see the box for what it is. (6 sides that need neon and paint?)

Anyway, the whole line of thought got me thinking about what I've modded this year. So, I pulled some photos and put them up. I figure that it might be fun for us all to share what we've done, regardless of contests and all. If for nothing else than to see everyone elses stuff, and to say, "dude, thats awesome!"

Since I'm the one starting the thread, I'll also go first wink

head on over to

And check out what I've done. All comments, and I do mean all, are welcome!
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