I know, I know. Mac addicts cringed when they saw the subject but hear me out...

I basically needed a case for a PC I'm putting together and why not go for the best looking case on the planet? the Apple G5 aluminum. I didnt destroy any system, I just bought and empty case off ebay. Nothing wrong with that. that said..

It appears I can only use a micro-ATX mobo, and I was wondering are there any other special things I will need to do to mod this baby? I guess I will need to rip the power and reset switches off an ATX case to make that work alos right?

Anyone out there have any experience? do i need extra wiring? i dont think..

I was kinda shocked that there are even empty G5 cases out there? how do you suppose that is possible anyway.

And if makes anyone feel better, an Apple Cinema 20" is going to be hooked up to the 'imposter'

any help is appreciated, thanks