I wasn't sure weither to post this under laptop mods, or peripheral mods, I decided on peripheral... Anyway, My brother has had a G3 iBook for many years now, and it has never had a wireless connection. Well my bro just got a external wireless card for his computer... I know what your thinking... do iBooks have PCI slots... sadly not. So I am currently looking into the possibility of taking the aria extreme's antenna off the back, and just using it like a normal Airport card. First off, I don't know that this will work, but the mod I have for anyone looking for a good idea is more of a software hack. This hack would allow you to use both an internal wireless card an an external wireless card, so that you would be able to connect to two networks, this giving your more ability to move around, if you lose one, you can use the second as a backup. Currently I can't afford a new card, and will most likely just trade off the external with an enternal from my sister's Powerbook. If I had the money I would buy one now and start hacking it, but I am not able to right now... oh well. Tell me if you are going to try this mod. It would be extreamly nice to be able to have a backup network, especially if you are in a hightraffic area, where your connection would slow down a ton.