i updated my picture link .


zenstate wrote:
that would be great. a couple things you can check to tell if its a rev A or B..

1, is the heatsink short and flat all the way across the top?

2. was there a dual drive bracket in the bottom at the back?

1. No, just a square black heatsink little bigger than cpu.
2. it had 2 hdd's side by side in bottom middle, and a 120mm vent-system blowing out lower backside

Just look at my link and scroll all the way down, 3 pics for u.
( close up reads:
C 1998
820-0987-A )
And the battery is missing, as u can see, need it for something..laugh
If you like it, tell me, and i check out delivery conditions here.
But you have to wait till next week though.

c ya

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