im new here and want to say hi.
I like ur website/forum,and i always like the look of some mac's.
I rescued a G3 Power-Mac from being destructed, as a company was
trowing out there older models.
I got this one (with the green front)

I have taken everything apart and cleaned.
I want to do a full mod with side-window,paint, fans, chassis, led's, meters on front etc.
And im going to fit a socket 754 mainboard and an A64.
I "think" it looks cool/unique and will be perfect for my linux needs.

Is it ok if i start posting pic's here on how i get on ?
Even if its not a mac no more.....?


EDIT: Does anyone know the pin layout of the ide/power/reset cable running from the power switch to the mobo?

EDIT: corrected link

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