I know. Thanks for the input.

It was just I have heard cases of iBooks, G4s, and older iMacs, accepting the generic or first gen ram chips. Personally when it came to upgrading the last gen G4 (2gb ram) I just went ahead and picked up some Kingston ValueRam 3200 @ 512mb. I was hoping for some Cosair Extreme series but I thought it as overkill since we're just running digital performer. I was hoping there would be a cheap solution to older macs for testing purposes - which it seems like $28 is if from the link zenstate provided.

I have been to those local computer shows and seen people bring a bag of old ram for trade in which is all working but it would be PC100 and below. What horrors they brought to my attention when the traveling venues just put it back out on the table as generic... which I have picked some up there before for older PCs.

I think its best stated now that I am looking at the mods that college student can afford and doing them one at a time. When I reach that limitation I'll go ahead and buy the other things.