This isn't exactly a hardware modification or hack but a general question about Ram I tend not to find an answer for. At Pricewatch there seems to be different quality of ram... of course the worst being cheapest, generic, and not supporting AMD and INTEL chipsets is about $22 for a stick of 256mb.

Well will apple support low quality ram? I have heard of people buying the ram trying it out and working; but I remain skeptical about throwing $22 in the wind to find out myself. Example Link: This yahoo store.

As you can see if it did work right like all other ram, (I have had low quality ram in my PC before and seen a stick in an old imac dv which is the 4x dram) it would be cost effective to simply purchase 4 sticks and make an old g3 hum at 1gb of memory. It sounds almost too promising to get a gig of memory for under $100.

I've searched and found no real conclusive evidence with mac compadibility or incompadibility. Or draw backs for that matter. I have heard 'if the ram works, it works!' a few times. I even had a former friend in the tech field explain that it is more compadible in some systems (which I have come to find was totally bull).

If someone could: Please demystify this for me. I'm looking on putting about a gig in a G3 Blue and White maxing it out.