I'm new here, I think this is the best place to get help with my problem.

I have a Bondi iMac, just the logic board with it's CPU, RAM, VRAM, Speakers, A/V board, and a PC ATX power supply. By following some sites online my friend soldered a 120w ATX PC Power Supply form an old eMachines PC to the iMac's power wire (which goes through the Power Filter to the iMac's logic board). Well as soon as I plug the power supply into the wall the Mac turns on, it makes its startup chime, the hard drive spins up, the processor warms up a bit but there is no video on the screen. I hooked up an Apple 1705 MultiScan Monitor (or MultiSync, I forget) though the old Apple Video port in the back of the iMac that says "No External Monitor". I get no video on the screen and the Monitor's light stays amber.

:P I also noticed if I connect an Apple Keyboard or Mouse via any of the two USB ports (or when using an external powered USB hub) none of the device's turn on. The keyboard's caps lock light stays off and the optical mouse stays dead. Seems like the iMac does want to start up though. The iMac's Hard Drive is a 6 gig pulled from the eMachines PC, formated in Mac OS X Panther (10.3) as 'Mac OS Extended Journaled', then I installed Mac OS 9.2.1 on the hard drive from my PowerBook. The hard drive spins up so I guess it's trying to boot from it. I

The main problem is I get no video on my monitor. Not even a grey screen with the floppy disk with the '?' on it. I tried replacing the VRAM with some from my G3 tower, and RAM with some I had from my old iBook.

My guess is maybe there is not enough power connect to the iMac. Here is how my friend hooked up the power supply. [url=[url]http://homepage.mac.com/ibook238/imac-power.jpg][url]http://homepage.mac.com/ibook238/imac-power.jpg[/url] [/url] Notice there is one brown wire disconnected, I don't know what to do with it.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks a lot,
-Steve :lol:

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