My first mac was a iMac 600mhz... This is a 450mhz, 1MB Cache, 448Meg Ram, everything else pretty much stock except a scsi card... Dunno why that is there. Another surprise was the add-on for the Rage 128 - I believe it is a hardware DVD decoder.

The University I purchased it from whiped the main 12gb hard drive and put OS 9.2.2 on (which I have never used) so after checking the firmware, everything was good. I quickly put OS X on, and saved room by NOT installing printer drivers for brands I never use... I stick with HP. It saved about 500meg.

It was rather slow at first but once all the updates came in and it was 10.3.3 it was running in my opinion better than my old iMac DV. I can only imagine what happens when I put some ram in and other upgrades.

Right now it is lying taken apart in my floor... Painting will start tomorrow and by the night I should be online looking for some upgrades, CD-Rom, Ram, Hard drive, etc.

BTW: A hint for taking the apple logo/decal on the sides and serial number off... Use a hair drier on high... it will heat up the glue and then you may peel the original serial sticker off or make the job of getting the apple decal off SOOO much easier.Just use a paperclip to lift after its warm through, and a screwdriver to ply.

Also, the total cost is as follows:
PowerMac G3 Ebay: $140
Black, White, Clear Gloss Spray paint; Sand paper; Masking tape : $14.39