I have been reading over Mac Mod over the past few days and stumbled across the mod guide for the case and after seeing your (zenstate's) 'darker' version I actually ordered a G3 Tower off ebay to do the same with.

So... I ordered a G3 PowerMac, 450mhz, 448mb ram, 19gb hard disk space, etc. (w/ s&h = $140 USD) and am about to partake in my first mod mac or pc that doesnt have to do anything with dinky LCD's from Radioshack.

Thanks zenstate for the motivation to actually get such a classic mac and 'pimp' it out. It should be here the week after thanksgiving. Once this mac is done, I have a G4 Tower, eMac I am thinking about painting, and another G3 tower who is up for some design projects as well.