hey knife,

I am turning 18 in two months... ... can't wait!

I am also half-A+-certified. Now how can that be?

Simply put, you have to pay about $130 to take the 2 CompTIA A+ tests ($130 total, not per test). The focuses are: Hardware and Operating Systems. I can't tell you all about it, or my A+ certification will become null and void.

400 MHz iMac DV/SE, 120 GB total (with external HDs), 256 MB RAM
600 MHz iMac DV/SE, 80 GB total 384 MB RAM
2 GHz MacBook 13", 80 GB total 2 GB RAM
iPod Photo, 30 GB
iPod Video, 80 GB
iPod Nano, 2 GB
AirPort Extreme with DSL broadband