SCSI I througput is 40Mbits/sec
Therefore, if the bus were the limiting factor, the minimum time would be 2.1 minutes.

the "X" means how many times faster than a 1x drive. A 1x drive would play 70 minutes (650 megabytes) of music on 70 minutes (at 1x), aka .15MB/sec. I can't find how fast you said that your drive was, but if the drive were the limiting factor, the minimum speed would be 35x, but that would be faster than the throughput of the SCSI bus. Of course, the drive almost never hits its actual target rate, so we'll say you need a 40x drive.

Now we can see what the cap is roughly for copying the data by looking at the "60 minutes" for the stock 8x drive. that would mean that if it *is* spinnign at 8x, and piping out 1.2MB/sec, the actual transfer rate from the CD to the drive is .18MB/sec (Just over 1x). This is, of course, wayyy below that of the 8x cd drive, and way below that of the limit of the SCSI bus. Therefore, one would imagine that speeding up the drive would have no effect on the speed of an oppertation.

Or perhaps all of the numbers were just GROSELY exagerated