[censored] (factory) CD-ROM: about 60 minutes per CD.
NEC: about 2 minutes per CD!!!!! B)

Awesome! I couldn't believe my eyes when that CD finished imaging so soon.

I think, instead of donating my 6360, that I will put it in the case of my old HP Brio PC, where I have room to expand to my heart's content.

Like the McDonald's commercials, "I'm Lovin' it!"

400 MHz iMac DV/SE, 120 GB total (with external HDs), 256 MB RAM
600 MHz iMac DV/SE, 80 GB total 384 MB RAM
2 GHz MacBook 13", 80 GB total 2 GB RAM
iPod Photo, 30 GB
iPod Video, 80 GB
iPod Nano, 2 GB
AirPort Extreme with DSL broadband