I know I'v seen a mod for this, though after 40 minutes of scouring, I could not come up with it. But using Dremel tool to the metal, dropping a couple pieces of threaded metal down from the top bracket, making sure that they are tight will do the trick. The issue is with the plastic.

With the plastic front cover, you would need to use the Dremel at a slow speed to cut, use fine grade sand paper around the edges. You will not have a nice looking faceplate, unless you can get another plate from eBay or a fellow G4 tower, which could be butchered (a shame, I know). You could then cut that face down to fit where the open slot is, glue it, and you would have a flush faceplate. I would imagine that would work for you.

I can't think of anything else to add. Krusher, you have any suggestions on the plastics that I may have missed, or dropping the metal supports in?
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