You should turn that mamoth into a macquarium. It would be great. They are just too freaking huge, and require an acre to use it. We had one at the office and it was just sitting around. For 2 years I carried that thing from one side of the back room to the other. Finally I stuck it on a metal shelf and let it sit. Had a bad board, only a $25 part, but didn't feel like fixing, or ordering, it.

On my acrylic projects, I want to make windows (case windows) for people that want custom cut, and also XBOX case windows. There has to be a market in that, and I think I found customer base to feed...high school kids. Anyways, as for my original intent, it was to mac an iMac G5 clone, but LCD is bad, so I'm making a slick case for it w/ acrylic.

As for AMoses, if you plan on making a Macquarium, check out a few fish websites, like Cichlid World. Don't forget that a fish freak started the aquarium trend.

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