oojacoboo wrote:
I know that you probably have your mind made up, but I would love to see an all white mod done to resemble the look of the apple systems. I really think that would look cool. But then again, black and white would look nice as well. Good luck with the mod, and yes, be sure and post plenty of pics for us to see. laugh

thanks for the idea but I am not really a fan of the all white that apple seems to love now. I think white is great as part of the style but not all. the dark colors say "pro machine" to me. at least the G5 towers are not white. my next goal for this mac is to upgrade from the G4/500 to a G3 1.1 GHz simply because even without altivec this chip totally screams. the main thing I find a tad too slow on the 500 is the UI. the G3 1.1 will up my UI speed by about 130% based on all the benchmarks I have seen. I have read a few reviews by B&W and Yikes G4 owners and they all say it screams. altivec is in maybe 10% of sw on osx. this chip also leaves the system bus at 100mhz unlike the sonnet G4 1GHz for the B&W/Yikes.

the G3 is a tad faster than the 500 G4 at altivec tasks and a huge amount faster at everything else. one guy said it runs neck and nack in most tasks with his 1GHz emac.

sorry about going off topic. I am just really looking forward to that upgrade as it will save me about 1500 over a new power mac.

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