It was a long night last night. BTW I beat Halo 2 B)

So, with painting the handles, I just laid them down and hit them from the top with the spraypaint. I did originally intend to paint the inside of the handles, though decided otherwise. Good aim is the best, because the paint will not get by at the angle you have to paint the handles. You can tape off if you want.

As for take apart, it's all pretty much there. Anything I missed is common sense, other than the handle. The handle is held in with a pin that has a C-clip on it. With a pair of pliers, you can remove the clip with ease.Don't loose the clip!

Sandpaper helps out on this project. As long as you sanded it down enough, the scratches and details won't shine through when you paint it.

With the rim paint, I'm pretty sure it was semi-gloss, because it shined through after I painted it. I added a clear coat to it for protection. After using it, I would suggest using a dry shop towel to go over the painted area. Flecks will come through and then you will not have to worry about dust.
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