Sorry to reopen a post that takes a ton of time to read. But at any rait I belive that I will soon be buying an old mac at a junk store. I will also purchace a few (CHEEP) cool looking speakers. And then record a demelition session. Durring the session I want to blow out the screen, the speakers and then ignite. I was wondering if there was some safe way to power the computer up so we have a screen and maybe some music going when we blow it. Currently I am thinking about having a long cord I can unplug right before it blows, giving the effect of a massive explosion with the comp still on, or is it possible to leave it pluged in w/o damageing the electirc box? Still brainstorming so if anyone has any ideas give em!!!


(currently I also dk where I will get a good cam, I might ask my neighbor or use my dad's old Svhs one, but I would far rather use a DV recorder caus I have a tape deck that works w/ my comp[rather my dad does, and I am 'Borrowing' it.] As you can see this is a brainstorm.)