I guess, but people like to destroy old computers as well. Plus, you can't beat anything that is free. Also, monitors and bigger systems mean more smashing fun wink . If you really wanted to get into this, you could get a donation of computers from a company for a fun raiser. You could have a whole truck full of these systems. Take them to a parking lot of a company with permission of course, like a Best Buy, on a saturday afternoon. Get people to pay like 5 dollars to get to smash a computer and video tape it for them. Then you could give them a copy of the tape as well. You could make money this way, if you didn't do it as a fund raiser (much harder to get permission) or you could just sell the tapes and keep that cash for yourself. Then you could put all the videos on the web, or keep some of the computers and make your own for the web. If you donate 51% it is still considered a philanthropical event. I mean, your time could be worth 49% of the profits wink
"Fix it 'til it Breaks."

Jacob - EiC & Director of Technology
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