true... but I love macs, i might get TOO mad at a windows machine and scavange nothing for profit/breaking even lol. Thats a good idea tho I might look into that... I also saw this one guy one eBay who evadently has acess to a wherehouse of old comps (he had G4's but you never know) he might have some older laptops which he could combine shiping... A few of these people are selling them for 1.75, but they refuse to combine the shipping... why? I have no idea... but whatever... Do you know one of these companies that has old moniters/computers... that would be nice to get them for free! But then again I also like the idea of just using laptops, because they look good from anytime... I would asume that most companies have the older computers that are just kind of a white to dead-yellow color... The joy of destroying something that looks good would add to the movie!