As I was patrolling eBay for laptop parts (sisters comp) I came across the idea of finding the cheapest apple laptops... I was looking around and found a large number of them for 5-40 bucks for the old 5300 (not that they are worth that much more... but its cool that I could get them for that) As I looked I was talking to one of my good friends (windows guy...) and he is like DUDE WE NEED TO GET SOME... IF NOTHING ELSE FOR A GOOD EXPLOSION! Then it came to me... what if I were to start a sight with say 2 min. movies, with short story lines, where I blow up, mutilate or chop into old laptops... Now I know that any true mac lover's first thought is... ITS A MAC I LOVE APPLES HOW COULD I DO THIS... but if I did do this, I could easily remove some of the 'good' parts, and after desecrating the computer, I could see if anything else was worth keeping... Another neat use of the old PB 170's THEY RUN THE 'FUN' GAMES! I wish someone would come out with a emulator for system 7.x I would pay a ton for it, just because I love that old system! Anyway Just curious if anyone thinks this would be cool/fun/worth doing... Because its always fun to blow up stuff... even if it is your favorite brand of electronics!!!


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