I haven't put a lot in this post, but for thoes who don't want to go to the other postings, I have a computer from my Theatre teacher. I moved maybe 80% of the hardware from my sisters laptop to that one. I took lots of pics, and will be posting soon. I did a few norm mods to it, pic w/ apple, small repairs, part change. Two simi unique mods I did, made an advanced version of the pic behind apple, and I used some bronze screening for a repair. Sadly the computer is a needed item for her school work so I cant make many cool cosmetic things (Eg; paint the worn white paint, glue a few parts, close a few ugly cracks.) but hopefuly I will be able to work these smaller problems out. I missed one wire deep in the computer, so I have to take the logic board off again (for thoes who have disassembeled a PB Ti G4, you know the hassel involved) I hope to post a mod guide, and highlight the major problems I had so that everyone else can easily overcome them... I have sent an email to one of my friends asking if he wanted any of my spare parts, but if you REALLY need a part E-mail me, and I will send you a price I would ask for it... I might not have it... but I will most likely ask a ton less than eBay, but I WILL NOT pay shipping. Anyway hoping to get pics scaned in and post a full mod guide, including screw placement (One of the hardest things..) Screen removle/repair/replacement. (no pics will be added there because I didn't take any when I did it, I was on too much of a time crunch, but I will try and add some of the secondary screen holder to inlighten you.) And if there is anything that people are having an especially hard time with send me a message, and I will add it to the mod guide, as well as give you a quick responce.


(PS my email is KnifeLordV (at) Netscape.net)

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