Hey again,
My sisters laptop was recently knocked off of her dresser by her beloved cat... Apparently shattering the screen (I will know exactly what happened by 6 tonight.) And says she needs a new screen/screen case. I looked through ebay for dead PB Ti's but they are all upwards of 100 bucks... Not too bad but still, that's a lot for just a screen. I see a few ups and downs of buy a dead/live old PB; First of all, you get the screen/casing, Second you get a second battery, Another charger, a HD, and possibly some good RAM. But it seems like a casing for an old PB should be like 20 bucks, not 200, does anyone know of a place where I could easily buy a new/used Screen/casing for my sisters laptop? Any thing cheeper than 100 bucks would be nice! Thanx. (more to come soon)


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