Well I know a wile back the GameForce in my town (Longmont, CO) was selling thoes, so if you have a gameforce you might want to check them out... also if you live in CO, try the Boulder gameforce, they have a lot of really rare and weird items, they import systems, games, and just about anything the true-hearted gamer needs! They had a website, but I think that it went down, because the stores began to split up from being a group... If you live in NE you might want to check out what used to be Electronics ECT. (idk what it is now, but I'm told that it changed names) Because they had really good service and could probably get you just about anything you could want (from US anyway.) Hope this helps, but if you really need some, ebay is always happy to sell you stuff overpriced! (or underpriced...)


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