Hey guys,

Do you know what a Nintendo e-Reader is? If you don't, then I'll explain it to you.

An e-Reader is this device that you plug into your Game Boy Advance, and it allows you to either enhance game packs that you own (like Super Mario Advance 4, for example) or play actual video games, like the older NES games, the old "Game & Watch" wristwatch-style games, and a whole lot more, all by means of swiping specially-designed trading cards.

You guys probably figure that I have one. Well, let me tell you: You are entirely correct! Otherwise, I wouldn't have given you guys a rave review. It is one of the sweetest systems I have ever experienced for the Game Boy. Other cool Game Boy Systems: the GameShark for Color Game Boy, and the Game Genie for the original Game Boy.

So, if you own either a Game Boy Advance or a Game Boy Advance SP, I would strongly recommend the e-Reader System.

Talk to you guys later,

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