The frosted look is pretty cool too. We all have our own preferences, mine was solid for instance. The problem with the B&W's is that they are pretty fugly machines if you get down to it. They have some serious hardware though, so a simple paint job has the same effect of cleaning a dirty kitchen.

Now about the logo. You CAN tape it off, though thats a lot of hassle, and if you hit your case by accident, you are going to waste a lot of time fixing the mistake. I'd suggest popping the logos off. You are going to scratch it up on the inside part, but no one is going to see that. You will need a few paperclips because they will bend fairly fast, and something you can use to pry off the logo once the logo has been pushed through enough. A letter opener, swiss army knife, or a screwdriver will work nicely.

I hadn't seen the B&W Black pic before, but it's cool. Which Spymac member did it?
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