I came back from the hardware store with some supplies.

2 PVC Pipe pieces ( @ 45 cents a piece)
5 feet of low-grade wire ( @ 9 cents a foot)
4 Cans of spraypaint ( @ 2.49 a piece)
1 Bag of assorted nuts & screws ( @ 99 cents)

So far what I have done is with my Dremel is remove the branding off of the PVC pieces. After removing the branding I promptly took them into my garage and spraypainted them joined together with what is left of the grey spraypaint from my last mod. So I have a cheap pipe that looks steel and slightly aged. I'm going to use some of the wire on the case in various points. I need to use something else though, but I am going to use liberal ammounts of battle damage to the case It's lacking something, but I can't place it....
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